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Forever Stellar Quilt Pattern

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

I was originally inspired to make this pattern because I wanted a heart felt gift for a friend. I wished to make her a very special thank you gift but, didn't have a lot of time to spend on it.

On a separate project, I had been working on a very involved block that finished at 12 inches. It took me a whole weekend to finish that 12 inch block. Although, it was a beautiful block, I knew at that rate I wouldn't be able to use it to complete my friends project. Then, it dawned on me that I could convert a block size into a quilt size. With a small change in dimensions I was able to finish the quilt in a few days. I was so pleased with how quick it went.

Now I use this basic pattern style for many other projects. The pattern works well for memory quilts since the patches are large enough to fit logos and decals. I adapted the center block to accommodate our signature heart layout. Borders can be added, as well as things like the pictured karate belts in the corners, to reach bigger sizes.

This is a Memory quilt we made for Fearless Jake

I have found that Color value is an important element in this pattern and included tips within the pattern on how to keep the values consistent throughout the process.

Forever Stellar Quilt at Ft Lauderdale Beach

One of the great things about this quilt is how well it goes together. The points are easy to match and pressing the seam allowance the right direction keeps it nice and flat for the quilting process.

I hope this pattern makes it into your library of "Go To" quilt projects. Once you make a Stellar quilt you will quickly realize the endless possibilities of the different layouts and changes possible by playing with the color values. Which reminds me, I have included a blank outline so you can try your hand with your own design and layout. This quilt pattern is easy and so versatile. I hope it brings you many opportunities to explore and be bold.

Best wishes,


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