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Photo Quilt/ Graduation gift/ love of horse riding

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

She wanted a graduation gift…a photo memory quilt that captured her daughter’s years of horse riding.

I know anyone who has made a photo quilt can relate when making a Photo Memory Quilt. I always fall in love a little with the obvious joy and happy moments others have experienced, reflected in the photos. It's not only going to be a gift to the receiver, but in a way, it is a gift to the quiltmaker, to be able to create the quilt.

I always ask for permission to share a photo quilt and fully respect their privacy. So, I'm not able to share all of them, but so thankful this mother was willing to let us post this memorable quilt. You can see in her photo quilt, her mother wanted all of the photos to reflect her daughter's passion for her horse and horse riding. From when she was a little girl, she loved horse riding. I think this Family Photo Quilt reflects her little girl's passion and joy she experienced for many years. I'm sure her daughter will enjoy her quilt and possibly hand it down to her next generation.

If you would like to make your own photo quilt, check out the photos on fabric and prints on fabric in our shop.

I hope you are making joyful memories!

Best wishes,

Sherie McKenna


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