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Quilt Patterns & Fabric Kits by Sweet on Stitches

Sweet on Stitches has a range of pattern selections. From simple quilt kits to full patterns filled with inspiration and techqniques to add to your bucket of skills.  

We offer simple quilt kits using a dye print process so you can make a fun easy quilt that is completely customizable. Look on the page "Prints on Fabric".


We have full patterns that are designed to inspire your creativity!  Inside, there are techniques that will help with accuacy and effectivness. You can't help but be inspired to create your own design once you learn the simple techniques.  You will find tips on how to select fabrics for your quilt project and how to master a block.


The patterns have easy, guided instructions that are for beginers and also for quilter who have been quilting for years. 

Some designs will match up with an embroidery pattern.  But if you are not embroidering yet, then you can always use a simple paint on fabric method.  Instructions are included in the patterns.


We are always adding to our list of patterns. So check back often or subscribe to this website and we will notify you when we have a new pattern.


We hope you enjoy the pattern selection and that you will always have fun with your fabric! 





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