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Sweet on Stitches - Quilt Making Company of Memory Quilts

Sweet on Stitches is a quiltmaking service company.  We make them, quilt them, and design them!  Bringing a passion for Quilting, Fabric & People together in one unique, online shop, full of items to commemorate the special moments and people in your life.  Everything we do is made with love!


We hope to have the opportunity to help you with any quilting services you may need! 


Thank you for checking out our website!





Sherie McKenna, owner of Sweet on Stitches, lives in Port St Lucie, Florida.  She has four awesome children and two wonderful grandchildren.  She enjoys bike riding, swimming and most of all quilting. Her kids think/know what a quilting nerd she really is!  She was born in Indiana and moved to California when she was thirteen. She has lived in Florida since 2001.  

Before becoming a professional quilter, she was a Freelance Floral designer specializing in wedding and party events. She loves spending time with her family and learning new things! Sherie strives to create beautiful and durable quilts that will last a lifetime with cherished memories that can be passed down for generations to come.  And, also supports the quilting community with resources and services.


"I have always loved to sew. I remember, as a little girl, getting a huge bag of left over fabric from my grandmother's fabric stash.  My mom and I along with my 4 sisters, made a family quilt of simple squares. We used yarn to tie the layers together.  It was a beautiful quilt.  This is one of my earliest and fondest memories of quilting.   I find myself reflecting on the profound joy that comes from creating and making quilts for others. I believe every single person should have a special quilt. The softness and warmth of a quilt is comforting, like a hug.  And, wrapping oneself in a quilt can evoke those special feelings of comfort.  Especially, if there are meaningful memories connected to it. I feel very blessed to have the best job in the world.  And to fellow quilters – Thank you for making the world a cozier, more beautiful place, one stitch at a time."


Sweet on Stitches was founded in 2011.  


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