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Sweet on Stitches - Quilt Making Company of Memory Quilts

Sweet on Stitches is a quiltmaking service company.  We make them, quilt them, and design them!  Bringing a passion for Quilting, Fabric & People together in one unique, online shop, full of items to commemorate the special moments and people in your life.  Everything we do is made with love!


We hope to have the opportunity to help you with any quilting services you may need! 


Thank you for checking out our website!





Sherie McKenna, owner of Sweet on Stitches, lives in Port St Lucie, Florida.  She has four awesome children and one wonderful grandchild.  She enjoys bike riding, swimming and most of all quilting. Her kids think/know what a quilting nerd she really is!  She was born in Indiana and moved to California when she was thirteen. She has lived in Florida since 2001.  

Before becoming a professional quilter she was a Freelance Floral designer specializing in wedding and party events. She loves spending time with her family, walking in the rain and learning new things! 


Sherie strives to create beautiful and durable quilts that will last a lifetime with cherished memories that can be passed down for generations to come.


Sweet on Stitches was founded in 2011.  Before becoming sole owner of Sweet on Stitches, Sherie and Angel Anderson worked together as best friends and business partners in Pembroke Pines, Florida creating a thriving quiltmaking business, putting their hearts and determination into the business.  For seven years they complimented each other in different aspects of the online shop.  During the seven years of growing the business, they lived 5 minutes apart from one another. And, as life happens, Sherie moved north and Angel moved west to Texas.  They continued their friendship and working together for another year with determination to continue as business partners.  And as life happens, their families began to grow.  Angel is a proud mother of five children and five grandchildren.  Traveling and spending time together is a big part of Angel and her family's life. Three of her children are spread out across the United States, from Idaho to Florida.  So, after eight years of being a driving force for Sweet on Stitches, and with much heartache(mostly on Sherie's part), Angel decided to retire from the business in October of 2017.


Sherie and Angel are still the best of friends and will always be!  Sherie continues to offer quality craftsmanship in a timely manner, as always!


Check out the blog and current postings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information.



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