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Long Arm Quilting Services by Sweet On Stitches

Our state-of-the-art APQS computerized Long Arm quilting machine

ensures precise and uniform edge to edge stitching

giving your quilt a polished and professional finish. 

We offer designs for every style. Personalize your quilt with a wide range of stitch patterns and designs. From classic to contemporary, we have a vast selection to complement your unique style and vision for your quilt.  
We will work closely with you to take great care in quilting your masterpiece.
And promise to treat your quilt as one of our own.

Step One

Prepare your items : 


1. Quilt top  -Measure your quilt top in inches (width and length) - The largest width we can quilt is 116 inches. The length is unlimited.

All over quilting is $.02 per square inch.

(W x L  x  .02 = Price) 


2. Backing fabric and batting should be at least 3 inches longer on all sides.

Example - If your quilt top is 50 inches x 50 inches then your backing fabric and batting should be 56 inches x 56 inches.


We offer:

Hobbs Batting $12.50 per yard 96" wide


Poly Batting $7.50 per yard

96" wide


3. Include Your Contact information- please include your contact information and any details you would like us to know along with your quilt top. 


Step Two

Selecting a Stitch pattern:


Sweet On Stitches has a library full of many stitch patterns.  But, we are not limited to only those.  Click the link "Stitch Patterns" below to browse patterns available.


If you like, Sweet on Stitches can make suggestions on stitch patterns for you.   Once we are able to see your quilt, we can send pictures of appropriate styles for you to see and approve.  It's a good idea to take a look at different stitch patterns to become familiar with what you like and don't like. 


You can check out stitch patterns by clicking the  Link "STITCH PATTERNS" on this page to get an idea of what you might like.

Step Three

Ship your items to :


Sweet On Stitches

2294 NW Padova St.

Port St. Lucie, FL  31986


Once we receive your package, we will let you know it has arrived. We can make any suggestions and send pictures of stitch patterns and thread color via text or email to finalize details.


If you want, you can check out stitch patterns on the following LINK below to get an idea of what you might like!

Step Four

What you can expect:


Usually, in 3-6 weeks we will let you know that your quilt is completed and will send a picture of your completed quilt! 

Once we receive payment we will ship your quilt and send you tracking information.  

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