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These quilts are made with your loved ones clothing. We have even used parts of bedspreads, blankets, bathrobes, dresses, ect... Anything that represents your loved one and brings back good memories. This custom quilt can be made any size and with variations such as borders, Photos on fabric, embroidery or other personal touches. Each quilt comes with an embroidered label on the back with your personal message.. These are custom made just for you and the backing fabric can be a standard quilter's cotton, or cotton print, minky , snuggle fleece, cozy flannel. We will prep cut each item, then stabilize to keep it from stretching while still remaining soft and not stiff, then we will design the quilt, and sew it all together. When your quilt top is done we professionally quilt it on our longarm machine to make it washable & durable. The prices vary depending on size, how many blocks we use and personal touches. 


Send your loved ones clothing items to

Sweet on Stitches
2294 NW Padova St
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Be sure to include your contact information and any details you would like us to know.
We will contact you as soon as they arrive.

Blocks on Point Memorial Quilt

  • We consider your clothes as the down payment for making your quilt.

    Once the quilt is complete we will send a picture of the quilt and payment is required before shipping to you.

  • There are no returns or refunds on custom quilts.  We take great care in communicating with you on all details of construction to be sure there are no surprises and your expectations are met.

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